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last edited June 25, 2012

ewagent Installation HOWTO

This document contains a simple set of instructions to get ewagent installed and running. These instructions assume you have the latest SeisNetWatch package installed. Most of the files refered to in these instructions can be found in the directory 'agents/bin.Solaris' (for Solaris OS) or 'agents/bin.NT' (for Windows NT OS).

NOTE that this installation will send a data stream to an NSI server at If you do not wish to use our server as a test, then change the StaticGetEventChannel, DynamicEventChannel and StaticEventChannel parameters in the ewagent.d file to reflect your site's NSI server's event channel port numbers:

  1. For SOLARIS only: Switch user to root ("su root") and copy the file 'SeisNetWatch/agents/bin.Solaris/' to '/usr/local/lib'

  3. Copy the 'ewagent' (or 'ewagent.exe') exectuable file to your Earthworm 'bin' directory

  5. Copy the files 'ewagent.desc' and 'ewagent_terra.d' to your Earthworm 'param' directory

  7. Edit the example 'ewagent_terra.d' file and change ONLY the following parameters:
  8. Edit the 'earthworm.d' file and put in the ModuleName you chose above. Make sure the number for the module is unique to your module set.

  10. For SOLARIS only: Edit the Solaris environment file for your Earthworm installation and add in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for /usr/local/lib. This is usually the file named ew_sol_sparc.cmd in the params directory. (The ewagent executable for NT is statically linked and this step is not necessary.) Then source the file you just edited: source ew_sol_sparc.cmd

  12. Run the program with a command line like this: ewagent ewagent_terra.d

  13. Under Solaris, you can append the '&' symbol to run the program in the background.  Under Windows NT, insert "start " before the beginning of the command to have it run in its own console window.
  14. If your 'ewagent_terra.d' file was configured for our NSI server, please send us an email to let us know about the data stream.

Note: To configure a new SeisNetWatch NSI server to receive data only from one or more ewagent programs, its 'stationsFileName' should point to an empty file (no predefined stations), and its 'ruleset.ini' file should contain definitions of "Secs Since Last Packet" and "Secs of Latency" for various channels. A sample 'ruleset_ewagent.ini' file can be found in the 'docs/examples' directory of the SeisNetWatch' distribution.

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