Documentation for SeisNetWatch Distribution

Release 3.0, June 1, 2022

Overview & Installation:

SeisNetWatch Installation - An overview of how to install, test, and run the SeisNetWatch System. Start here first.

SeisNetWatch Configuration Map - A detailed description of the configuration files necessary to run the SeisNetWatch System.

SeisNetWatch GUI Client Manual - An online manual for the SeisNetWatch GUI client.


EWAGENT Overview - An Earthworm Overview document for the ewagent. Agents Configuration Map - Documentation on the csagent and dlogagent programs.


SeisNetWatch Emailer Client Documentation - Documents the emailer client configuration parameters. Look at the 'emailer' directory for other files related to this client.

SeisNetWatch Source Documentation:

SeisNetWatch Java Documentation - Documentation for the Java classes used by the GUI client, NSI server and control agent programs.  (Generated by the 'javadoc' tool.)

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